• Maitri Jariwala, Young researcher

Maitri Jariwala, Young researcher

Date : 25th May 2018, Friday

Maitri Jariwala is a student of Chemical Engineering Department at Bhagwan Arihant Institute of Technology. She is involved in research based activities with STAR (Space technology and Aeronautical rocketry), an educational and research based startup that aims to make space travel commercial by building launch vehicles for small satellites. At present she is working on project named PHONEIX- XLS Experimental Launch Vehicle. XLS is India’s first 3-D printed model rocket having under-mentioned features:-

  • 3-D printed launch station
  • Flight computer controlled
  • Non-pyrotechnic parachute ejection
  • Thrust vector control
  • Real time data transmission
  • Wireless ignition
  • CanSat launcher
  • Motor class G
  • Lift off capacity 150 grams