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    8th June 2018, Friday

Social Activities done by BMBBA Students


A cleaniess drive was organised to motivate the civilians as to how do the work

October 2, 2017, the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, also marked the third anniversary of the Modi’s government’s flagship scheme, the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (SBA). The SBA is one of the largest cleanliness drives in the world, with a workforce of three million government employees who are directly or indirectly attached to the program.

The rally was supported by a mass no. of population, from childrens to senior citizens .

Many even pledged to become swachta senani. A whole slum area was tried to be cleaned.



People were made aware about the health and hygine problems relating to their surroundings how a small mistake of them can result into a big problem for them. A simple example of malaria disease was given.  How people can avoid a big disease with small precautions like not allowing water to be blocked at any place and to regularly clean all such places where water can be blocked for example coolers man-holes,ponds,lakes,etc and then can become home for insects and flies which can cause big problems.


Food distribution :-

Poor childrens were given food and clothes to were and were made aware of their importance of their roles in the swachta abhiyan and towards the NEW INDIA . It was a non-forgetable experience to interact with such people and to join such a big movement against the dirty INDIA image.






How can INDIA become truly clean:-

If every citizen of India think to make our country clean, then it would be. Some of the silly things people do…

1) Some people clean their homes and throw the garbage outside. They shouldn't do like that.

2) Throwing garbage, spitting, urinating, on roads. Also the roads are dug up to be repaired, but they leave it unfinished.

3) No proper plans for the city. People who park their vehicles on roads block the traffic flow. Many shopping malls have small parking places.

4) Sometimes the water gets wasted. It's due to the carelessness of people not repairing their pipelines, not turning off the motors on time, etc.

5) Damaging the public property.

6) Government officials should use the public money to develop our country, but not for the welfare of themselves.

7) The biggest reason is that our country is overpopulated. Our resources are not enough for our population.

8) The wealthy people, self-promoters and people who butter up are given more importance than the talented people.

Etc, there are many problems to be discussed.

First we, the people, should be correct. Then, we can correct our leaders. Or the leaders should be correct and firm. Government should also impose strict rules and regulations.

9)Control use of plastic bags. This will also aid in keeping surroundings clean.

10) Individuals must take care that they do not throw waste in drains. The drains must be properly covered so that mosquitoes would not breed in them. Any stagnation of water must be cleaned from streets.

11) The playground is a place where a lot of people visit. So it should be kept clean.People should not litter rubbish on ground. The grass of playground must be trimmed regularly to prevent any fungal growth….

Hygiene & cleanliness is very essential in cafeteria as it is place where people eat.Individuals leave their trays & plates on the table after eating. They must dispose that in proper disposal place. Workers serving food must wear gloves while serving & should not cook food in unhygienic conditions.

As a responsible member of society each of us must strive hard to keep our surroundings clean. It makes us better citizens